News and Events

Book launch at Greenmead Historical Park was un grande successo!

What’s a book launch without cousins? Lots and lots of Italian cousins!
More cousins!
And college friends! Go Blue!
Also, the old newspaper gang came. The Oakland Press peeps are the best!
Christmas Cookie pals are so sweet!
Prosettes! We’re always there for each other!
The Aqua monthly lunch team in high spirits!
Bunco Babes are the best!

Northville Library Local Author Fair rocked

Nephew Wyatt Lee just happened to be at the Northville Library during the Author Fair. What a wonderful surprise to see him.
Detroit Working Writers members, from left, Kathleen Ripley Leo, Chery Crabb, and Annemarie Schiavi Pedersen
Northville Librarian Karen Fehl helped host a great event