Cloudy, but hot


Steamy-painting alert.

Correggio’s Jupiter and Io is a sexy painting. The Italian master created this epic piece in 1530. It burns up the walls at the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, Austria.

According to the Greek myth, the god Jupiter was often tempted by other women and disguised himself in order to cover his various escapades. Once he was a swan and another time an eagle. In this painting he forms himself into a dark, velvety cloud that embraces Io, the voluptuous nymph. She seems to melt in his arms.

Though his face is barely visible above hers, we can see his sensuality. Io pulls Jupiter’s ethereal hand toward hers. He is of the heavens and she of the earth.

Hot. Hot. Hot. For the love of Jupiter, will somebody get me a fan!

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