Ozzo Handsome

arab king hottie Benozzo+Gozzoli+(Italian+early+Renaissance+painter,++c+1421–1497)+Scenes+from+the+Procession+of+the+Magi,++Detail+of+the+Middle+King+on+South+wall+of+Chapel,+Palazzo+Medici-Riccardi,+Florence+1459

This golden king is John VIII Palaiologos, Byzantine emperor, part of the fresco on the southern wall in the Magi Chapel at the Palazzo Medici-Riccardo in Florence.

The emperor is obviously a man of great hotness, but what’s interesting is the name of the man who painted him: Benozzo Gozzoli. How many of the great masters of the Renaissance can claim a double “ozzo” in their names?

Benozzo Gozzoli obviously likes his name, and repeated the letters in the portrait. Notice, the King’s curls make the letter “O” and his nose resembles a backward “Z.”

And with his very nice but rather round and pointy crown, the King reminds me of another word containing a “z.” A wizard.

All hail The Wizard of Ozzo.



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